Banners for Royal Arch Chapter (English)

Beautiful artistic banners for the Royal arch Masons chapter (English Ritual) made with the best materials.


  • Set of 17 banners (5 principal banners and 12 tribus of Israel banners)
  • Banners of 12 Tribes of Israel available in size of 45*35cm
  • 5 Principal Banners available in size of 60*40cm
  • High resolution sublimation
  • Carefully designed symbols
  • Made in fabric
  • Banners with rectangular shape
  • Gold fringe in the bottom
  • High quality finish
  • Customization service


Prices for Mexico: 

  • Set of 17 banners: $10,000.00 MX
  • Customization service: $200.00 MX 

Prices for U.S.A:

  • Set of 17 banners: $686.00 USD
  • Customization service: $13.00 USD


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5 Principal BannersRAE-01

12 Tribes of Israel Banners